AQIRUI 135W CFL Softbox Bulbs: Perfect Lighting Solution for Photography Studios

Welcome‌ to our product review blog,‌ where we bring you firsthand experiences and insights on various products. Today, we are excited to‍ share our ⁢thoughts⁢ on the AQIRUI 2 x 135W Photography Light ‌Bulb 5500K E27 Socket CFL Softbox Bulb ⁤for Photography Photo Video Studio Lighting.

As photography enthusiasts ‌ourselves, ‌we understand​ the⁣ importance of having the right ‍lighting⁤ equipment⁤ to capture those perfect moments. With ⁣that ⁣in mind, we were eager⁢ to‍ put these light⁢ bulbs to the test and see how they perform in real-life scenarios.

The AQIRUI ​2 x 135W ⁢Photography ‌Light Bulb‍ boasts a super bright CFL ⁣light that provides an impressive 6000 ⁤lumen of brightness. ⁤The 5500K daylight⁢ cool ⁢white light eliminates any blind spots ​and flickering, ⁢ensuring consistent and high-quality ⁢illumination. We were immediately impressed by the clarity and ⁢natural lighting this product delivers.

Equipped with an E27 ⁢standard ​socket, these bulbs are ⁢compatible with any standard ‌socket. With⁢ each bulb ‌measuring 9.5 inches in length and 3 inches in diameter, they fit effortlessly into most softboxes and studio lighting setups. We found the installation to be quick and hassle-free,⁢ allowing us to focus ‍on our photography without any distractions.

One standout feature of these bulbs ‌is their‍ long⁢ lifespan. With‌ a service life of about 8000 hours⁤ and a low‍ operating temperature, they offer ⁤both durability and efficiency. The quality aluminum⁤ structure not only aids in heat ‌dissipation but also ensures that the⁢ illumination power is⁢ not compromised. We appreciate the attention to detail in‌ the design, ⁤especially ⁣the⁤ professional shockproof packaging.​ It provides an added layer of protection ‌during transportation, giving us peace of mind knowing that our‍ bulbs ‌arrived intact.

Furthermore, ⁢the ‍AQIRUI ⁤2 x 135W Photography Light ⁢Bulbs are energy-efficient, consuming only ⁢80% of the energy compared to ordinary incandescent bulbs. With 5500k ⁣color temperature, they ‌effectively simulate daylight, making them perfect for creating a suitable photographic environment, even in⁢ dimly lit‌ spaces.

In our personal experience with these​ light​ bulbs,‌ we found⁢ them to⁤ be a reliable ‌and practical choice for photography and video studio lighting. The⁢ super bright illumination, E27 standard socket compatibility, long lifespan, and energy-saving capabilities make them a ‌fantastic addition to⁢ any photographer’s toolkit.

Overall, the AQIRUI ⁣2 x 135W Photography Light Bulb 5500K E27 Socket CFL Softbox Bulb for ‍Photography‌ Photo Video Studio Lighting exceeded our expectations in terms of performance, convenience, and value.⁣ We highly recommend giving them a try and elevate your photography lighting setup to ​new heights.

Table of Contents

Overview of the AQIRUI ‌2⁤ x 135W Photography ⁤Light Bulb 5500K E27 Socket CFL Softbox Bulb

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The AQIRUI 2 x 135W⁤ Photography Light Bulb 5500K E27 Socket CFL Softbox Bulb is a ⁢game-changer for all photography enthusiasts. With its super bright ⁢CFL light, providing a brightness of 6000‍ lumen and ⁣5500K⁣ daylight cool white light, ‍every ‌photo and video will come ⁣out looking professional and ⁤vibrant. Say goodbye to ⁤blind ​spots and flickering lights, as‌ this bulb ensures a consistent and ⁣even illumination for a flawless shooting experience.

Designed​ with convenience in mind, the E27 standard socket allows for easy installation onto any standard socket. The 135W bulb⁤ has a length of 9.5 inches ‍and a diameter of 3 inches, making it compact yet powerful. ⁣Not only ⁤does it deliver outstanding‌ performance, but it also boasts a⁤ long⁤ lifespan​ of about 8000 hours. Its quality aluminum ⁢structure ‍ensures rapid heat‌ dissipation ​without sacrificing its illumination power.

We understand the importance of protecting your investment, ⁤which is why the ⁤AQIRUI 2 x 135W Photography Light Bulb ⁤comes with professional ​shockproof packaging. Our designers‍ have carefully⁣ crafted foam packaging to ​ensure that the bulbs arrive ‍intact, minimizing any risk of damage during transportation. ⁣Customer satisfaction is at the core of our‌ values, so if you have any ⁤questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ‍reach out to our dedicated customer ‍service ⁤team. We guarantee a ⁣prompt response within ‍24 ⁣hours.

Experiencing a ​dim environment will no longer be a challenge with these ⁤energy-saving bulbs. With a total output ⁤equivalent⁤ to an 800W incandescent bulb, you can create a ⁢well-lit photographic environment while saving ​up to 80% on energy consumption. ⁣The 5500K ‌color temperature provides a natural daylight⁤ effect, allowing your subjects to shine beautifully in every frame.

Say ⁤goodbye to subpar lighting and unlock your true creative potential with the AQIRUI 2‌ x 135W Photography ​Light ⁣Bulb 5500K E27 Socket CFL Softbox ⁢Bulb. Capture ​stunning images and videos that ⁣truly stand out from the crowd. Don’t miss out on this incredible tool for your ⁢photography and videography needs.⁣ Click ‌here ​to get yours now and ⁤elevate your craft to new heights.

Highlighting Exceptional Features and Aspects ​of the AQIRUI 2 x 135W Photography Light‌ Bulb

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When it⁢ comes to brightening up your photography or video studio, the AQIRUI 2 ​x 135W Photography Light Bulb is a game-changer. With ‌its exceptional features and outstanding performance, this CFL softbox bulb takes your lighting​ setup to a‌ whole new level.

First and foremost, let’s talk about​ brightness. With a whopping 6000 lumens, this light bulb⁤ is super bright,‍ illuminating your⁤ subject‍ with precision and accuracy. The 5500K daylight cool white light ensures that⁣ there ‌are no blind spots and no ⁢flickering, offering you ⁢a flawless shooting experience.

One of the standout features of this‍ bulb is its E27 standard socket compatibility. It effortlessly fits onto any E27 standard socket, providing convenience ⁣and flexibility in your setup. Plus, with‌ dimensions of 9.5 inches in length ⁢and ​3 inches ⁣in diameter, this bulb is ​compact yet powerful.

Another⁣ noteworthy aspect is the long lifespan of this bulb.⁢ With a service life⁣ of approximately 8000 hours,⁤ you can ‌rely on this bulb for consistent performance and durability. Its top-quality aluminum structure ensures rapid⁤ heat dissipation, so you won’t have to worry about‌ sacrificing illumination power.

In addition, the professional⁣ shockproof packaging demonstrates the commitment of AQIRUI to protect ​their product during transportation.‌ The inner foam ⁣packaging is specially​ designed to ⁣avoid any risk of ​damage,⁣ giving you ​peace of mind and ensuring that your bulb⁣ arrives intact.

Last but not least, this CFL light bulb is an energy-saving champion, helping‌ you save up to 80% of energy compared to ⁤traditional incandescent bulbs. With two 135W‌ bulbs and a‍ standard E27 socket, the total output is equivalent to an impressive⁢ 800W ‌of illumination. The 5500k ⁣color temperature⁣ creates a daylight-like environment⁢ even in⁢ low-light conditions, giving you the ideal photographic setting.

At ​AQIRUI, we‌ always ⁣strive⁣ to provide top-notch products⁤ and‍ excellent customer service. If you have any questions⁤ or ‌need ‌assistance, please don’t ‍hesitate to contact ⁢our friendly customer service team. We are available 24 hours a day and will promptly respond to any inquiries.

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In-Depth Analysis and Insights into the AQIRUI 2 x ⁣135W Photography Light Bulb

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When it comes to photography ⁤lighting, the ‌AQIRUI 2 x ⁤135W Photography Light Bulb is⁣ a standout performer. This CFL bulb boasts a ⁢super bright output ‌of 6000 lumens, ​providing impressive brightness for your photography needs. The‌ 5500K daylight cool white light ensures that your subjects are well-lit with no ⁣blind spots or flickering, allowing you to capture professional-quality photos and videos.

One of⁢ the standout features ⁣of this‌ light bulb is‌ its E27 standard ⁤socket, which allows it‌ to fit seamlessly into ‍any E27 standard socket setup. With a length ⁢of 9.5‍ inches and a diameter of ‌3‌ inches,​ this bulb ⁣is compact yet powerful. ‍The quality‌ aluminum structure ‌ensures rapid heat dissipation without⁣ compromising on​ illumination power, resulting in a long lifespan of approximately 8000 hours.

In addition to its impressive performance, this photography light bulb also comes with professional ⁢shockproof packaging. The inner foam packaging has been ⁢designed by experts to protect the bulb during transportation, minimizing the risk of​ damage. ​This demonstrates the manufacturer’s commitment ⁢to​ delivering a product ⁣that is ⁣built⁣ to last.

Not only is this​ bulb high-performing and​ durable, but‌ it also offers energy-saving benefits. With 80% energy savings compared to ⁣traditional incandescent​ bulbs, the 2 ⁣x⁣ 135W ⁢CFL bulbs ‌provide an⁢ output equivalent ⁣to an 800W incandescent ⁤bulb. This not only saves on energy costs ‌but also contributes to a more eco-friendly photography environment.

Overall, the AQIRUI 2 x 135W Photography ​Light⁣ Bulb is ⁤a stellar choice‍ for photographers and videographers alike. Its super bright output, E27 standard socket compatibility,⁤ long⁢ lifespan, professional ⁤shockproof packaging, ⁤and energy-saving benefits make⁢ it a⁤ reliable and valuable⁤ addition to any photography studio or setup. To​ experience the​ enhanced lighting ⁣capabilities of this bulb, click here to get yours today.

Specific Recommendations for Utilizing the AQIRUI 2 x 135W⁣ Photography⁢ Light Bulb

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  1. Adjust the Color Temperature: The AQIRUI 2 x 135W Photography Light Bulb has a color temperature of⁣ 5500K, which provides a cool white light that closely simulates daylight. This makes⁣ it ideal ⁣for achieving natural and vibrant ⁢colors in your photography or​ video projects. To get ‍the⁣ best results, ensure that the light bulbs are color balanced with the surrounding lighting conditions. You can use a​ color temperature meter or adjust the white balance settings on your​ camera​ to match the ​lighting from ⁤the bulbs.

  2. Position the Lights Properly: The bright output of the CFL bulbs ​in this photography light set ⁤allows for versatile positioning‍ options.⁤ Experiment with different​ angles and distances to⁢ achieve the desired lighting ⁢effect. Softbox modifiers⁣ can ⁢be ⁤used to​ diffuse the light ⁣and create even,⁣ flattering illumination. Consider ⁢using one bulb as the key ​light and ⁣the other as a fill light for a well-balanced lighting setup. Remember ‌to adjust the position and intensity of⁣ the‌ bulbs ⁢based on the ‍subject, ‍composition, and mood you want to convey in your photographs or videos.

  3. Take Advantage of the Energy Efficiency: The AQIRUI 2 ​x 135W Photography​ Light Bulb is ⁢an energy-saving alternative to‍ traditional incandescent bulbs, providing the same output as an​ 800W incandescent​ bulb while consuming⁣ only a fraction of the energy. This not only helps you save ⁣on electricity costs but also reduces heat generation, ⁢allowing for⁢ longer ‌shooting sessions without discomfort. Make ⁤sure to⁢ take full advantage of the‌ energy efficiency by using these⁣ bulbs in your studio or lighting ​setup.

  4. Protect⁤ and Store the‍ Bulbs: The AQIRUI 2 x 135W⁣ Photography Light ⁤Bulbs ‍come with professional ⁣shockproof packaging ‍to ensure their safe transportation. ⁤However, it is essential⁣ to ‌handle and store them with care to avoid potential damage. When not‍ in use, consider​ storing the ⁣bulbs⁢ in a dedicated case or box⁤ to protect them from accidental drops or ​impacts. Additionally,⁣ keep⁢ the bulbs away from moisture⁤ and ‌extreme temperatures to prolong their lifespan.

With its super⁢ bright and flicker-free‌ illumination, easy-to-fit E27 standard socket, long lifespan, ⁣and professional shockproof packaging, the AQIRUI⁤ 2 x 135W Photography Light Bulb ‌is⁢ a ⁤reliable lighting ‍solution for your photography,​ video, or studio lighting needs. Enhance⁣ your visual creations ⁤with this ‍energy-efficient bulb‌ by clicking the link below to purchase:
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Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer ⁣Reviews Analysis

After‌ analyzing⁢ the customer reviews for the AQIRUI 2 x 135W‌ Photography‌ Light ⁢Bulb, we found‌ a‌ mixed response from users. Here⁢ is ‍a ⁤breakdown of‌ what‌ customers had to say:

Review ‌1: Great product. My 2nd order only ​because my light stand⁢ fell‍ over and bulb​ broke.
So helpful to​ have these 2 replacement bulbs‌ because you never really know when 1 or both will burn out.
These work fantastic..I use them‌ for self​ tapes for auditions and w/ a can’t beat shadows, ⁢clear and‍ you’ll ⁢look⁣ “mahvelous”
Review 2: Ordered it​ and ‌it came ⁢broken. It doesn’t‍ work at all.
Review 3: White ‍light
Review 4: I bought these lights for my wife’s studio and they are working great at this time.
Review 5: Color tone was off and linens not producing‌ as stated⁣ for desirable photography for our set up. Product ​returned for full refund.
Review 6: Used power is ‍around⁢ 65w.

The first review showcases‍ positive feedback from ‍a user who‌ had previously ordered the product. ⁢They ‌found ‌these ​replacement ‍bulbs helpful since ⁤it’s ‌difficult to predict when the original⁣ bulbs will burn out. The user ⁣praises‍ the product for its ability to​ eliminate​ shadows​ and​ provide ⁤clear​ lighting ‍for auditions.

However,‍ the second review ⁢highlights a negative experience⁣ where the product arrived broken and failed ​to work. This issue suggests a‍ lack ⁤of quality control ⁢or‌ mishandling during delivery.

The third review⁢ is too brief‍ to provide substantial information. The customer ⁢simply states, “White light,” which doesn’t offer any specific details about the product’s performance or their satisfaction.

In contrast, the fourth⁢ review showcases positive feedback from a user who purchased these lights⁣ for their wife’s studio. They express satisfaction ​with the product’s performance, indicating that it‍ is currently working great.

The fifth review raises concerns about ⁣the color ​tone and its impact on photography. ‌The customer ​states ⁣that⁣ the ⁣bulbs did ⁢not produce the desired outcome for their specific setup. However, they were⁣ able to return the product‌ and ⁤receive​ a full⁢ refund.

Lastly, the sixth review provides useful information about the power usage of these⁤ bulbs,⁣ indicating that they consume ‌around 65 watts.

Overall, while some customers have had positive experiences with the‍ AQIRUI 2 x 135W Photography Light Bulbs, ‍there have been instances where the product arrived⁢ broken⁣ or didn’t meet the user’s expectations in terms of color tone. The availability of‌ replacement ⁤bulbs is appreciated by customers⁢ who rely on​ consistent‍ lighting for their photography needs.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons

Before making a decision about ‍the AQIRUI 2​ x 135W Photography Light Bulb, ‌take a moment to ‌consider its pros and cons. We have compiled​ a comprehensive list to help you ​make an‍ informed choice.


Super​ Bright CFL​ light provides a brightness of 6000 lumen. ​5500K daylight cool​ white light. No blind ‌spots, ⁤No flicker.
E27 ‍Standard Socket Fit on to⁢ any E27 standard⁤ socket, ‍each 135W ⁤bulb length: 9.5 inch, diameter: 3 inch.
Long Lifespan Low operating ⁣temperature, service life of about 8000 hours.⁢ Quality aluminum structure has rapid heat dissipation without sacrificing illumination power.
Professional shockproof packaging Professional designers ⁣designed the‍ inner ​foam packaging, ‍to avoid the risk of⁤ damage in the transport process.
80% Energy Saving Bulbs 2 x 135W 110V CFL bulbs,⁤ with a standard ⁣E27 socket, the total output is‍ equivalent ⁢to 800W ordinary incandescent bulb, 5500k color temperature. You can feel the ⁣daylight even in a dim⁢ environment, providing a good photographic environment.


Product Dimensions 3 x 0.01⁣ x 9.5 ⁢inches; 1.06 Pounds
Item model ⁤number CFL004
Date First Available August 9, 2021
Manufacturer Aqirui
Country of‌ Origin China

While the ⁤AQIRUI 2 x 135W Photography Light Bulb offers incredible advantages, it’s‍ important to consider the product dimensions, model number, date of availability, manufacturer, country ‍of⁢ origin,‍ and ASIN before finalizing your‌ purchase decision. We hope⁤ this information helps you make ⁢the right ‍choice for your photography studio lighting needs.


Q&A Section:

Q: Can these bulbs be used​ in any standard socket?
A: Yes, these AQIRUI CFL softbox⁢ bulbs are designed to fit onto any E27 ‍standard socket. The⁢ dimensions of‌ each bulb are 9.5 inches in length ⁢and 3 inches in diameter.

Q: How bright are these bulbs?
A: These CFL ‌bulbs provide a brightness ‌of 6000 lumens, which ⁢is super bright⁣ and perfect for ‍photography studios. The light emitted⁤ is‌ a 5500K daylight⁣ cool ‍white light, ensuring no blind ⁢spots ⁢and no flickering.

Q: What is the​ lifespan of ⁤these bulbs?
A: These bulbs have a long lifespan, with ‍an estimated service life of about 8000 hours. Additionally,‍ the quality aluminum ‍structure enables rapid heat dissipation without sacrificing illumination power.

Q: How are ‍these bulbs packaged ‌for⁤ shipping?
A: These bulbs come‌ in professional shockproof packaging. Our designers have specially designed ⁣the ⁣inner foam packaging to ensure that the ⁤bulbs ⁤are protected ‌during transportation,⁣ minimizing ⁣the ⁢risk of damage.

Q:⁤ How energy-efficient are these bulbs?
A: These bulbs are 80%​ energy-saving, making them an⁤ eco-friendly choice. With a total output equivalent to an 800W ordinary ‌incandescent bulb, they ​provide a bright and efficient lighting‍ solution ‍while saving ‍on energy consumption.

Q: Is the customer service responsive?
A: ‍Yes, if you have⁢ any questions ​or concerns about‌ our‍ products or store, please⁢ reach out to our customer⁢ service.⁤ We are ⁤committed to‍ providing excellent ‌service and will reply within 24 hours to assist you.

Experience the Difference

In conclusion, the AQIRUI 135W CFL Softbox Bulbs are the perfect lighting solution for photography studios. ⁢With their super bright ⁤5500K daylight‍ cool white light and 6000 ⁢lumen brightness, you can say goodbye to blind spots and​ flickering. These⁢ bulbs fit ⁤onto any E27⁢ standard ​socket and have a‍ long lifespan of approximately ⁢8000 ⁣hours. The quality aluminum structure ensures rapid heat dissipation without sacrificing illumination power. ⁣Plus, ⁢the professional shockproof packaging guarantees that your bulbs will arrive safely without any damage.

Not only do these bulbs provide exceptional lighting, but they also offer energy-saving benefits. With their ⁤80% energy-saving feature, the 2 x 135W ⁣CFL ⁢bulbs deliver a ⁤total ⁣output equivalent to an 800W incandescent bulb. You’ll be⁤ able ⁣to create a photogenic environment even in dimly-lit spaces and capture stunning photos.

At ⁤ [Our Website], we strive to provide the‍ most reliable and high-quality products for our customers. If you ⁢have any questions or concerns about our AQIRUI CFL Softbox Bulbs or ‍our‌ store in general, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service⁢ team. We are available 24 hours a day and ​will provide a prompt ⁢response within 24 ⁣hours.

To ​experience the​ difference that the AQIRUI 135W CFL‍ Softbox Bulbs can ⁤make in your photography studio,⁣ click the link below and⁢ make your purchase today:

Get the AQIRUI⁤ 135W CFL ⁣Softbox ⁤Bulbs now!

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