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He | Definition Of He By Merriam-webster History and Etymology for he. Pronoun. Middle English, from Old English hē; akin to Old English hēo she, hit it, Old High German hē he, Latin cis, citra on this. Heyyeyaaeyaaaeyaeyaa "SEAGULLS! (Stop It Now)" -- A Bad Lip Reading of The Empire Strikes Back - Duration: 3:57. Bad Lip Reading 73,974,834 views.

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Hè - Wiktionary Alemannic German: ·(Rimella, Campello Monti) to have··third-person singular present indicative of esse. He - Wikipedia Until recently, he served as a generic pronoun whose antecedent was any noun denoting a social category under which both sexes fall. A good student always does his.

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