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Ottofond Badewannen – Home Sweet Home

Ottofond Badewannen

Posted on October 18, 2017 by Sherly



Ottofond Badewannen

Home - Ottofond - Badewannen, Wannen, Brausetassen ... Welcome to Ottofond . The bathroom as a living room is enjoying a quite new dimension and plays an important role for the customer. In the course of the “wellness wave” the bathroom gains in importance for relaxation and rest. About Us - Ottofond - Badewannen, Wannen, Brausetassen ... The company Ottofond GmbH was established in 1985 in Paderborn as a distribution company for high quality sanitary fittings. The name “Ottofond” originates from the Italian language and is analogous with “Ottone Fonderia” (brass processing) and refers to the production of armatures.

Ottofond Badewannen

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Ottofond Freistehende Badewanne Somerset 185 X 95 703501bwOttofond Freistehende Badewanne Pure 181 X 81 703701bwOttofond Freistehende Badewanne Aviva 180 X 85 70391xbw

Bathtubs - Ottofond - Badewannen, Wannen, Brausetassen ... Bathtubs. Our acrylic bathtubs are made from high grade complete dyed throughout and moulded sanitary acrylic. The outer coating is glass-fibre reinforced and. Whirlpools - Ottofond - Badewannen, Wannen, Brausetassen ... Why did you decide in favour of Ottofond? An Ottofond whirlpool means an agreeable daily pleasure. Ottofond offers a wide range of wonderful bathtubs in all current.

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