Sparkling Soundtrack Review: Houseki No Kuni Opening Theme

Here at our blog, we are excited to share our thoughts on​ the​ Houseki No Kuni Opening Theme Soundtrack.​ This incredible soundtrack‌ features the 3rd​ single from YURiKA, the talented new star singer in the anime song world. ⁢With ‍captivating vocals and music ‍produced⁣ by Hi Inonatha Kunomasa Terui, this soundtrack is a must-have for any anime music fan. The anime itself, based on the popular comic “Jogokun” by ‌Haruko⁤ Ichikawa, has gained a⁣ large​ following for its unique and beautiful world view. Join us as we dive into the ⁤enchanting melodies of “Wave​ of Mirror” and explore the magical world of “Country of Jewels.

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Are ‌you a fan of the captivating TV anime “Country ​of Jewels”? If so, you’ll definitely appreciate the opening theme soundtrack, “Wave of Mirror”, performed by the talented YURiKA. This soundtrack is‌ the​ perfect addition to your collection, featuring a unique blend of hitamulet eye-inspired music with powerful vocals that will transport you to the ⁣world of ⁣immortal ⁤bodies⁤ and fierce battles. With two types ⁤of music recorded – one from the anime and one from the artist series – this soundtrack‌ is a must-have⁢ for any anime music enthusiast.

Immerse yourself in ​the enchanting world‍ of “Country ⁢of⁢ Jewels” with the ‍”Wave ‍of⁢ Mirror” opening theme soundtrack. From the ⁢beautifully drawn jacket to ‌the captivating songs ⁣included, this CD set is a treasure for any fan of⁣ the anime. Let the powerful yet beautiful action​ fantasy come alive through music, and experience the creative world view and charm of this popular series whenever ⁤you listen⁢ to this soundtrack. Don’t miss out on adding ⁤this gem to your anime music collection today!

Unique and captivating composition

When ​we first listened to‍ the “Wave ‌of Mirror” opening theme from the Houseki No Kuni soundtrack, we were immediately transported​ to a​ world of enchanting ​melodies and captivating‍ vocals. The‌ unique composition by YURiKA truly sets this ⁣soundtrack‌ apart,⁢ with ‌a blend of hitamulet eye and a singing voice that is ‍simply unforgettable. The partnership with Hi Inonatha Kunomasa Terui in producing this musical masterpiece truly​ shines through in every note.

What makes this soundtrack even more special is the inclusion of two types of music ⁢- one recorded in the anime and the ⁢other in the artist series. Each track,⁣ from “Wave of Mirror Surface” to⁤ “Dive into the colors,” takes us on a‌ musical journey that perfectly complements the story of​ the “Country of⁣ Jewels.” With its drawn jacket and anime recording songs, this soundtrack ⁢is a must-have‌ for any fan of immersive and beautifully crafted⁢ music. Dive into the colors of this extraordinary soundtrack and let yourself​ be swept away by its magical allure. ​ Grab your copy now and experience the brilliance​ of the Houseki No Kuni Opening Theme Soundtrack!

Vibrant and powerful vocals

When it comes to vocals⁣ that truly captivate and energize,‌ the opening theme of “Country⁣ of Jewels” does not disappoint. The singer, ‌YURiKA, showcases powerful vocals that effortlessly draw listeners in and keep them engaged from ‌start to finish. Her hitamulet eye ⁢and unique‍ singing ⁢style ‌create a dynamic and vibrant experience that complements⁢ the high-energy nature of the anime series.

The ⁤ “Wave of Mirror” soundtrack not only features the⁤ mesmerizing vocals of YURiKA ​but also presents a ‌diverse range of music styles, from upbeat ‌tunes like “Dive into the colors” to instrumental tracks that ⁤enhance the overall listening‍ experience.‌ With a blend of catchy melodies and powerful vocals, this soundtrack is a must-have for fans of‌ anime music and⁤ those who appreciate captivating vocal performances.

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Unforgettable listening experience

Listening to the opening theme​ soundtrack of “Country of Jewels” truly⁤ provides an⁣ unforgettable‍ experience. The ethereal vocals ⁤of YURiKA combined with ‍the enchanting melodies created ⁤by⁢ Hi Inonatha Kunomasa Terui ‍transport us to⁢ an extraordinary ⁣world filled with ‌magic ​and mystery. The captivating lyrics of “Wave of Mirror Surface” resonate ⁢with us, evoking a sense of wonder⁢ and ‌excitement⁤ that lingers long after the music has ⁣ended.

With a total​ runtime ‍of ‌18 minutes, this‌ CD ‌set offers​ a brief yet immersive journey into the captivating ‍world⁣ of “Country of Jewels.” The beautifully drawn anime artwork⁢ on the jacket further enhances ⁣the listening experience, inviting us to dive into the colors and explore the fantastical ⁣realm depicted in the TV anime series. For fans of the show and ⁣anime music lovers alike, this soundtrack‍ is a must-have addition ⁢to your collection. Immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies of ⁤”Wave of Mirror ‌Surface” and let your imagination​ soar.

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Our top ⁤recommendation

When it ⁤comes to anime soundtracks,⁣ we always strive to find the ⁣best‌ of the best.​ The opening ‍theme soundtrack ‌for “Houseki No Kuni” is a true gem that music lovers and anime⁣ fans alike wouldn’t want ⁣to miss. This soundtrack features the catchy and captivating song “Wave of Mirror” by YURiKA, the‍ new⁣ rising star in ‌the world ⁤of anime music.

The ⁢blend‍ of enchanting vocals and⁣ rich instrumentals in this soundtrack creates a mesmerizing‌ experience that perfectly sets the tone for the anime’s ⁢captivating storyline. ​With two types⁤ of music recordings ⁢included in⁣ the CD ⁢set, fans can truly immerse themselves in the magical world ‌of ‌”Country⁣ of Jewels.” If you’re looking to enhance your‌ music collection with a unique ⁤and captivating soundtrack, look no further than this top ⁣recommendation. Feel the magic of “Houseki No Kuni” opening theme soundtrack by adding‍ it to your collection ‍today!
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Customer⁢ Reviews Analysis

Customer⁣ Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews for the Houseki No ⁣Kuni Opening Theme ‍Soundtrack, we found that the majority of customers ‌were impressed by the ​overall quality of ​the soundtrack.

Customer Review Rating
♪ ​The opening theme ​song “Kyoumen⁣ no Nami” is included, along with 4‍ other tracks. The transparent song ‌and vocals, reminiscent of light refracting through polished ‌gemstones, captured‌ my heart more than ⁢the story itself.‍ While this song was so ⁤striking that⁣ it ⁣overshadowed the other⁣ 4 tracks, they are ‌still quite good. I think there ‌are many ​enjoyable ​songs included in this soundtrack. 5/5
♪ I⁣ purchased this soundtrack because I wanted to‍ listen to it​ carefully.‍ I think it’s really good. 5/5

Overall, customers seem ‌to be highly satisfied with the Houseki No Kuni ​Opening Theme ⁢Soundtrack, praising the ethereal qualities ⁢of the music and vocals.

Pros & Cons


  • Beautiful and captivating opening theme
  • Performed by talented artist YURiKA
  • High-quality music ​production by Kunomasa Terui
  • Includes instrumental versions of songs
  • Comes with ⁣an anime-themed jacket


  • May only appeal to fans of the anime series
  • Limited number of songs on ⁤the CD
  • Priced at ¥1,300 (+tax)
  • Availability of ‍the product may vary


Q:⁢ What is the⁢ Houseki No Kuni Opening Theme Soundtrack⁤ all about?

A: The Houseki No Kuni Opening Theme Soundtrack ⁢is the 3rd single from YURiKA, the new ‍star singer in the anime songer, featuring the opening theme ‌”Wave of Mirror” ⁢from the TV​ anime ⁣”Country of Jewels”. The soundtrack is produced by ⁤Hi Inonatha Kunomasa Terui and includes 4 tracks: “Wave of ‍Mirror Surface”, “Dive into the colors”, “Instrument”, and “Dive into the colors (Instrumental)”.

Q: Can you tell⁢ us more about the anime “Country of Jewels”?

A: ​”Country of Jewels” is a popular action fantasy​ comic by⁤ Haruko Ichikawa with over 1.4 million copies sold. ⁤The story follows a group of immortal ⁣beings known as “gems” as they battle⁢ mysterious enemies from the moon. The TV ‍anime adaptation features stunning 3DCG animation and ‌a talented cast of voice actors.

Q: Who are some of the key staff members‌ behind⁢ the Houseki No ⁤Kuni Opening Theme Soundtrack?

A: The ⁣opening​ theme “Wave of Mirror” is performed‍ by‍ YURiKA, with music produced⁣ by Hi Inonatha Kunomasa Terui. The TV anime series is​ directed⁣ by Naahiko Kyoku and features ⁤series composition by Toshiya ⁤Ono and character design by Asako Nishida. The soundtrack⁤ is part of the overall creative vision for⁤ “Country of Jewels”‌ and adds to the⁢ immersive ⁢experience ⁢of the anime.⁢

Discover the Power

As⁢ we wrap up our review of ⁤the sparkling Houseki No Kuni Opening Theme soundtrack, we can’t help but be ​captivated ‍by the enchanting melodies and soulful vocals that YURiKA brings ⁤to life‌ in this musical masterpiece. With its captivating tunes and beautifully illustrated jacket artwork,⁢ this CD set is a must-have for any fan of the popular anime series.

Experience the magic of “Wave of Mirror” and immerse yourself in the world⁢ of “Country ​of Jewels” with this ⁤exquisite ⁣soundtrack. Don’t miss out on ‌adding this gem to your⁣ collection!

Click⁣ here to purchase the ‍Houseki No Kuni Opening Theme Soundtrack on Amazon and let the ​music transport you‌ to a ⁤world of mystery and beauty: ⁢ Get it now!

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