Vector Architects Seashore Chapel China

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Vector Architects Seashore Chapel China

Vector Architects: Seashore Chapel In China - Designboom vector architects’ seashore chapel in china is a space for peaceful reflection . architecture in china: based on the beach of beidaihe new district – a popular. Seashore Chapel Vector Architects Religious buildings; Location Beidaihe New District, China Year 2015 Client Beijing Rocfly Investment (Group) CO., LTD Design Firm Vector Architects.

Vector Architects Seashore Chapel In China

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Vector Architects Seashore Chapel In ChinaSeashore Library  Architect Magazine  Vector ArchitectsTidal Waters Wash Underneath Seashore Chapel By Vector

Seashore Chapel. China, By Vector Architects - Vector Architects has built a concrete chapel on a Chinese beach, but raised it up above the sands so that seawater can wash underneath. Vector Architects, Seashore Chapel In Qinhuangdao (china ... In the coastal city of Qinhuangdáo, facing the Bohai Sea from Beidaihe Beach, stands this chapel of concrete, a work of Vector Architects, a Beijing practice headed by Gong Dong. The 270-square-meter construction has a prominent pitched roof and is raised on columns so that it recalls a boat adrift on the sea at high tide.

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