We Review the Wantdo Women’s Hooded Packable Jacket: Ultra Light and Ultra Chic!

Welcome to our​ product⁤ review ​blog post, ⁢where we’ll be taking a closer look​ at the ⁢Wantdo ​Women’s Hooded Packable Ultra Light Weight ​Short‍ Down Jacket. As outdoor enthusiasts‌ ourselves, we ⁢understand the importance of finding the perfect⁤ jacket that combines both comfort and functionality. That’s why ⁢we⁤ were thrilled when we came across Wantdo’s line of outdoor wear. With their commitment to providing a comfortable, healthy, and functional wearing experience, it’s no wonder‍ they​ have created such a wonderful selection of jackets that are perfect for any adventure. But what sets Wantdo apart from other brands? Well, their focus on ‍the​ user’s comfort​ and the jacket’s effectiveness shines​ through in every product they⁤ design and create. And not⁤ only do they listen to the voice of their‌ customers, but they also regularly carry out micro-innovations and optimizations to ensure their products always meet and exceed ⁤expectations. ⁤So, without⁤ further ado,​ let’s dive ⁣into our first-hand experience with the Wantdo Women’s Hooded Packable⁤ Ultra Light Weight Short Down Jacket.

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Overview of the‍ Wantdo Women’s Hooded Packable Ultra Light​ Weight Short Down ⁣Jacket

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We recently had the chance to test out ⁣the Wantdo Women’s Hooded Packable Ultra⁢ Light ⁣Weight Short Down Jacket, and we were quite impressed with its performance. ⁤This jacket is part of Wantdo’s winter coats collection, and it ‍is designed⁣ with both⁤ comfort and style in mind.

One of the ⁣standout features of‍ this jacket is its ultra lightweight construction. Weighing just 6.88 ounces, it feels⁤ incredibly lightweight and doesn’t add any unnecessary bulk. This makes it perfect for taking on ⁢the ⁢go and for outdoor adventures.⁢ The packable design also allows you to easily fold it ‍up and store it in⁤ a compact ⁢space, making it a‌ great option‌ for travel.

In terms⁢ of functionality, this jacket doesn’t ⁣disappoint. The down insulation provides excellent warmth and keeps you cozy ‌in colder temperatures. The hood is also a welcome ‌addition, offering extra protection against the elements. We also appreciate the attention to detail in the design,‍ with‍ the⁢ jacket featuring ⁤a stylish and flattering fit.

Overall,⁣ the Wantdo Women’s Hooded Packable Ultra Light Weight Short Down Jacket is a top-notch option for those in need of a warm‌ and comfortable winter coat. Its lightweight and packable design, combined with its excellent insulation ‍and stylish ⁣look, ⁤make it⁢ a ‌must-have for ⁣outdoor enthusiasts. If you’re looking for a‌ reliable and functional jacket, we highly recommend checking this ⁢one out.

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Specific Features and Aspects of the Wantdo Women’s Hooded Packable Ultra Light Weight Short ⁤Down Jacket

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  1. Material: The ‌Wantdo ​Women’s Hooded Packable Ultra ⁤Light Weight Short Down Jacket is made of high-quality materials that ensure durability and comfort. The jacket is ‍filled with premium down feather that provides excellent insulation, keeping ⁤you warm⁣ even in harsh ‍winter conditions. The outer shell is constructed with ‍a water-resistant fabric that protects you from ​light rain and ‌snow.

  2. Packable ‍Design: One of the⁤ standout features of this jacket is its packable design. It ⁢can be easily compressed and folded ‍into a small size, making it convenient to carry ​and store. Whether you’re‌ traveling, hiking, or just running errands, you can easily pack ⁤this jacket into your backpack ⁣or luggage without taking⁤ up too much space.

  3. Lightweight and Comfortable: Despite its insulation capabilities, the ⁤Wantdo down jacket ​is remarkably lightweight. You ⁤won’t feel burdened by heavy layers, allowing you to move ‍freely and comfortably. The jacket’s‍ design also includes an ⁢adjustable‌ hood⁤ and⁣ elastic cuffs to provide⁤ a‍ snug fit and extra protection against wind and cold air.

  4. Stylish and Versatile: The Wantdo Women’s ⁣Hooded Packable ‍Ultra Light Weight Short Down Jacket is not only functional but also ‌stylish. It features ⁢a slim fit design that ⁣flatters your figure​ without sacrificing comfort. The jacket comes in various colors, ‌allowing you to choose⁤ the one that suits your personal style. You can ⁤easily pair it with any outfit, whether⁢ you’re dressing‍ up for a⁤ night out or going for a casual look.

  5. Size and Fit: The Wantdo Women’s ​Hooded Packable Ultra ⁤Light Weight‌ Short Down Jacket offers a​ wide range of sizes‌ to ensure the ⁣perfect fit for every body type. It is ⁣important to refer to⁤ the size chart provided ‌by the manufacturer to select the correct size for ‍you. The jacket ‌is designed to be slightly ‍loose for ‍layering purposes,‍ so if you prefer a more fitted look, it is recommended to size down.

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Detailed Insights and Recommendations ‌for the Wantdo ​Women’s ⁢Hooded Packable Ultra ​Light ⁢Weight Short Down Jacket

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When it⁢ comes to outdoor wear, the Wantdo Women’s Hooded Packable Ultra Light Weight Short‍ Down Jacket is a ⁣must-have for any adventure. This jacket is‍ designed with the⁣ principles of comfortable wearing and distinctive style in⁢ mind, providing a comfortable, healthy,⁣ and functional wearing experience.

One of the standout features of this jacket is its ultra-lightweight design. Weighing⁤ in at just under​ 7 ounces, ⁣you hardly even notice⁣ you’re‍ wearing it. This makes it perfect for travel or outdoor activities where mobility is ‌key. The down insulation provides exceptional ⁣warmth without adding bulk, keeping you cozy in even the coldest⁣ weather.

The Wantdo Women’s⁣ Hooded ⁣Packable Ultra Light Weight ⁣Short⁤ Down⁣ Jacket is also highly packable, allowing you to easily stow it away in your backpack or luggage when not⁤ in use. The jacket compresses down to a compact size, making it convenient to take on the​ go.

In terms of style,⁢ this‌ jacket ⁣doesn’t disappoint. The hood adds an extra layer of protection against the elements, while‌ the sleek design ​and​ flattering fit make it a fashionable choice.

In conclusion, we highly recommend ⁢the⁢ Wantdo Women’s ⁢Hooded Packable Ultra ⁢Light Weight Short Down Jacket for anyone in need of a⁢ versatile, comfortable,⁣ and stylish outerwear option. Whether you’re exploring ⁤the great outdoors or simply running errands in chilly weather, this jacket is a reliable⁣ companion.‍ Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience firsthand the comfort, ⁣warmth,⁢ and functionality of this incredible jacket. Get yours today from Amazon [insert CTA link] and⁤ elevate⁢ your outdoor wardrobe to new ‌heights.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews⁣ Analysis

Here‌ are some⁢ customer reviews ⁣we have ⁢gathered for the Wantdo Women’s Hooded Packable Ultra Light Weight Short ​Down ⁤Jacket:

Review 1:

I live in the​ cool Pacific NW and got this for a trip‌ to Alaska. Sadly it didn’t arrive on time so I didn’t have​ it. I‌ got the largest​ size so I could wear layers under‍ it including camisole, ⁤turtleneck, sweater and scarf. I do walks ⁤in‌ the forest and it has kept me warm even when there was snow and the conditions⁣ were at 17 ⁢Farenheit which is way lower than usual.⁢ I LOVE that ‍when I don’t need it that ⁣it zips up⁣ into a tiny little bag. When I‍ travel and the weather is variable I ⁤can easily ‍pack it for ‌camping, walking outdoors etc. and if ⁢I go on a ⁢plane it⁣ takes up little space ⁣so it‌ will be lightweight​ and ⁤practical. I LOVE the bright⁢ color when here in the NW it is frequently grey from October through June! People complement me on it all the time.One⁤ thing is that it is NOT ​waterproof…I wear it anyway where there is the typical ‘light’ rain here and it gets wet but I”m not out on those ⁢days very long, ‌just‍ about 20 minutes‌ for a walk so I stay dry under the jacket. Nicely, it DRYS⁢ quickly as well. About 30 years ⁢ago I got a down jacket at REI ⁤and I was a ⁤little concerned‌ about whether this jacket would‍ stand up to my outdoor lifestyle. I ⁢got​ it late in ‍Summer and this is it’s first‌ year and it is​ TERRIFiC. I ⁢am⁤ very happy with it. So,⁢ if you want‌ to be warm ⁤and have a ‘GIrl Scout’/hiker outdoor mentality you will layer this jacket⁣ with ​a turtleneck and sweater if you’ll be outdoors in‍ snow or ‌20-40 degrees Farenheit weather.⁢ Actually I was surprised that I get HOT when I walk ‍in this for about 20 minues outdoors and have to unzip‍ the front.⁤ I had​ been worried that it wouldn’t‌ be ‘warm’ ​enough but it actually IS! I also wear it in the typical 40 ⁤something Farenheit weather with a​ short sleeved dress​ top if there are dressy event with ⁢a ⁢scarf and am nice and I am ‘just right’ temperature wise ⁤and not cold at all. I ​walk about 4 blocks‍ in it to an event ‍and it⁤ is so comfortable⁣ and ‌soft.

Review 2:

The color caught me ⁣first because it goes perfectly well my boots. Exactly as advertised. It’s very ⁣soft and comfy.⁣ Easy to fold and carry in the⁢ bag provided. I attached it to my backpack when I traveled over the holiday. Affordable price too. Will get‌ another ⁣color in the future.

Review 3:

For the price, this coat ‌is​ pretty unbeatable. I bought it for a 10-day trip in Austria and Prague in late November/early December, and as it so happened, a sudden‍ snowstorm ⁢hit while we were there, and the temps dropped as low ⁤as 10 degrees Fahrenheit and never got warmer than ‍36-40 degrees. ⁢It also ​snowed ​or icy rained almost the entire time, and we were walking⁣ on average ⁤about 6-9 ⁣hours out in the cold each‌ day. I was apprehensive about the coat keeping me warm during all of that because⁢ of how⁣ lightweight it ‌is, but to my surprise, it worked great ‌with a thermal layer and a sweater underneath! Pros – lightweight, compresses ​into a ​packable bag, still keeps you warm and cozy Cons ‌- ran big and⁢ had ​to order twice to get the right size,‌ NOT entirely waterproof ⁢(more like water resistant…after being out in the snow for hours, it eventually did start to⁤ feel⁤ damp, though I still didn’t feel cold). I initially ordered the camel/bronzy color, and it⁢ did‌ NOT‌ come as advertised‌ (was basically orange), but I swapped it for the green and ⁢liked it much better. ‌Zipper quality could⁢ be better as you ‍have‌ to work with it sometimes, but ‍overall,⁤ I’d say that this coat‍ keeping me warm⁢ in the weather conditions I was ‌just in has me sold ‌on it!

Review 4:

It’s like wearing‌ a blanket &⁢ I ⁣love that ⁤it ⁢packs up⁢ into a pouch. I use it as a⁤ pillow for lumbar support. Also‍ has inside pockets, good ⁢for phone, keys etc. I⁤ got 2.

Review ⁢5:

The outer fabric⁢ is substantial so I’m confident that down will not leak out like some other brands. ⁢The fit was perfect. This jacket will replace my old down jacket that​ I’ve had about 10 years.‌ My old‌ one is still in great ⁢shape, actually looks ‌pretty new even though I’ve worn it hard. I’m very very sure this one will last me​ equally as ‌long.

Review 6:

Pros: The fit is very feminine and lightweight – it looks good on. It traveled well in a carry on and‌ it kept me warm on a trip to⁢ Mt‌ Rainier in late ​September. Cons: Unfortunately⁣ the feathers keep coming out‌ of the jacket and ⁣there is also‌ some loose stitching. The‌ quality could be better. Overall: I’ll continue to wear it and hope that it doesn’t unravel somewhere⁢ while ​I’m out.

Review 7:

The first thing I ‍liked ​was that it looks just like the photo, and although extremely lightweight it​ truly is warm. It is about ‍38 degrees​ today, and I⁣ was very⁤ comfortable while I walked for about an hour. ⁢When I ⁤went inside an ⁤art gallery to peruse, carrying it was no problem because⁤ it’s so light ⁢weight. When I travel back to the ⁣warmer climate where‍ I live, I will⁢ be able to roll ‍it into the little sack that came with it. ​Exactly what I was⁤ hoping‌ for when I purchased it.

Review ⁣8:

Very light weight, easy to pack in suitcase ‌and very warm. ⁤My ⁣only problem⁣ is it’s⁤ very short waisted. If you’re long in the torso it will ride up on you.

Review 9:

Colour ‍is perfect.‍ Low price, easy to ⁣carry. True to‌ size and style.

Review 10:

Péssima qualidade e solta as​ plumas do interior do casaco.

Review 11:

Fue un regalo para mi mamá… Y le quedó excelente… está muy contenta ⁤con su regalo…

Review 12:

I really like this ⁢coat. I ordered the ​black one. It’s warm ⁢enough but, not ⁤on an‍ extremely cold day. ⁣Will be great ​for‌ when ⁤I⁤ travel.

Review 13:

Me encanta, es súper calientita y delgada / ligera a la ​vez. Lo único que me llama ⁤la ⁤atención​ es que cada movimiento que hago, salen plumas no se si la mía salió defectuosa o‍ así son ​todas.


Review Pros Cons
Review 1 – Keeps​ warm in cold weather
– Packs into ‌a small bag
– Dries quickly
– ⁢Not waterproof
Review 2 – Perfect color
– ​Soft ⁣and​ comfy
-⁤ Easy to ​carry
No cons mentioned
Review 3 – Lightweight
– Compressible
-⁣ Keeps​ warm in cold weather
– Ran big
– Not entirely⁤ waterproof
– Zipper quality could be⁤ better
Review 4 – Like wearing a blanket
– Packs up into a ⁢pouch
– Has inside ⁢pockets
No cons mentioned
Review⁢ 5 – Substantial outer ‍fabric
– Perfect fit
No ⁤cons mentioned
Review ⁢6 – Feminine ⁣and lightweight fit
– Kept warm during a trip
– Feathers coming out
– Loose stitching
Review 7 – Looks like the photo
– Extremely lightweight and warm
No cons mentioned
Review 8 – Very lightweight
– ⁤Easy ​to pack
– Very warm
– Short⁤ waisted
Review 9 – Perfect ⁤color
– Low price
No‍ cons mentioned
Review 10 No pros mentioned – Poor‍ quality
– Feathers coming out
Review 11 No pros mentioned No cons ‍mentioned
Review 12 – Really like the coat
-⁤ Warm enough for⁤ most days
No cons mentioned
Review 13 – Super warm​ and lightweight – Feathers coming ‍out
Pros & Cons

We Review the Wantdo Women’s Hooded Packable Jacket: Ultra Light and Ultra Chic!插图4

Pros⁤ & Cons


  1. Ultra-lightweight: At ⁢only 6.88 ounces,⁣ this jacket is incredibly lightweight, making it easy to pack⁢ and carry.
  2. Packable: The⁣ jacket can be conveniently packed ​into ⁣a small⁢ size, perfect ⁢for travel and outdoor activities.
  3. Warm and ‍cozy: Despite its lightweight design, the jacket provides ⁣excellent​ insulation to keep you ​warm when⁤ the temperature drops.
  4. Stylish design: The jacket features a hooded and ​short design, giving it ⁤a chic and trendy⁢ look that can elevate any ⁣outfit.
  5. Comfortable fit: ⁢The jacket is designed with comfortable wearing ⁢in mind, ensuring a great ‌fit and freedom of movement.
  6. High quality:‌ Wantdo⁤ is ​dedicated to providing high-quality products, and this jacket is no exception.‍ It is made with durable materials that can withstand‌ the outdoor elements.


  1. Limited color‌ options: ‍The ​jacket is currently only ⁣available in ⁢a few colors, which may not⁣ suit everyone’s personal style‌ preference.
  2. Not suitable for extreme cold weather:⁣ While the jacket provides ⁣adequate warmth for⁢ most climates, it may not be sufficient for extremely ​cold temperatures.

Our Verdict

The Wantdo Women’s​ Hooded Packable Ultra Light ⁢Weight Short ‍Down Jacket is a ⁣fantastic⁢ choice for those seeking ‌a stylish⁢ and practical outerwear option. Its ultra-lightweight and packable design make it perfect for travel and outdoor activities. The jacket provides excellent insulation and⁤ a comfortable fit. Although it has limited color options and may not ⁣be suitable ⁤for extreme cold weather, its overall quality⁢ and ⁢style make ​it a great addition⁣ to any wardrobe.


We Review the Wantdo Women’s Hooded Packable Jacket: Ultra Light and Ultra Chic!插图5
Q&A Section:

Q: Is this ​jacket suitable for extreme cold weather?
A:​ While the Wantdo Women’s Hooded Packable Jacket is‌ designed to provide warmth, it ​may not⁢ be suitable for⁤ extreme cold ‌weather conditions. It is best suited for mild to moderate winter temperatures.⁢ We recommend layering up or opting for a heavier jacket if ‌you live⁤ in ⁣an area with extremely ⁣low temperatures.

Q:​ Can this⁢ jacket be‍ packed into a small size for‍ traveling?
A: Absolutely! One of the standout features⁤ of‍ the Wantdo Women’s Hooded Packable Jacket⁢ is its ultra-lightweight⁤ and packable design. You can​ easily fold it into a compact ‍size and carry it in your bag or‌ backpack while traveling. It’s​ perfect for on-the-go adventures or if you need an extra layer while you’re out‍ and about.

Q: Does this jacket ⁢have a hood?
A: Yes, this jacket comes with ⁢a hood that can be adjusted to fit your preference.‍ The hood adds an extra​ layer‌ of protection against wind and cold, making it perfect for those chilly days when⁤ you need extra ⁣coverage.

Q:​ Can this jacket be machine washed?
A:⁣ Yes, this jacket is machine washable. You can simply toss it in the⁢ washing machine and follow ⁣the care ​instructions provided by⁢ the manufacturer to ensure its ⁤longevity. ‌It’s important to use‌ a mild detergent and ‌set the machine to ‌a gentle cycle ⁤to maintain the ​quality of the jacket.

Q: Is the⁣ sizing true to size,​ or should I consider⁣ ordering⁢ a ‌size up or ⁤down?
A: The⁣ Wantdo‍ Women’s Hooded Packable Jacket generally follows⁤ standard sizing⁢ guidelines. However, we recommend referring ​to the size chart provided by the manufacturer to ensure ⁤the best fit. Some⁤ customers have mentioned that the jacket runs ⁢slightly small, so if you‍ prefer a ⁢looser fit or plan to wear layers underneath, you might consider ordering‌ a size ‌up.

Q: Is the jacket waterproof?
A: While the ‍Wantdo Women’s Hooded ‍Packable Jacket is water-resistant, it is⁣ not completely waterproof. It can withstand light rain or snowfall, but prolonged exposure⁢ to heavy rain or downpour may result⁢ in moisture penetrating the jacket. We recommend layering with a waterproof shell‌ if you anticipate being‍ in wet conditions for an extended period.

Q: How much does this jacket weigh?
A: The Wantdo ⁤Women’s Hooded​ Packable ​Jacket ​weighs approximately 6.88 ounces, making it incredibly lightweight and comfortable ‍to wear. It won’t ‍add unnecessary bulk or weigh⁤ you down during your outdoor ⁤activities.

Q: Are there any color options available?
A: Yes, the Wantdo ‌Women’s Hooded Packable‍ Jacket offers ‌a variety of stylish and​ versatile color options‌ to choose ⁤from.​ From classic ‌neutrals to vibrant hues, you’re sure to find a color that suits your personal style and preferences.

Q: How long does it take for the jacket to dry after ⁤being wet?
A: The ⁢drying time may⁣ vary depending on the specific conditions, such as humidity and temperature.⁤ In general, the Wantdo Women’s ⁢Hooded Packable Jacket dries relatively quickly due to its lightweight construction and quick-drying ‌materials. It’s always advisable⁤ to hang it in a well-ventilated area or use a drying machine on a low heat setting to avoid damaging the fabric.‌

Embrace a New Era

In ⁢conclusion, the Wantdo Women’s‌ Hooded Packable Ultra Light Weight Short Down Jacket has truly impressed us. From its ultra-lightweight design to‌ its chic and stylish appearance, this jacket ticks ‍all the boxes⁤ for the perfect outdoor companion.

We were especially impressed with how comfortable and functional this jacket is. Wantdo has clearly put a lot of thought into creating a product ⁢that​ not only keeps you ⁤warm ⁢but also allows for‌ ease of movement. It’s the perfect jacket for⁢ those ⁤on the go and seeking adventure.

What sets this​ jacket apart is Wantdo’s commitment to the​ voice ⁢of the ⁤customer. They continuously⁢ listen and⁤ innovate, ensuring that⁣ their products meet the needs and desires of their customers. This dedication‍ is evident in the quality and‌ effectiveness of the Wantdo Women’s Hooded Packable‍ Jacket.

If you’re looking for an outdoor jacket that combines both‌ functionality and style, we highly recommend the⁤ Wantdo Women’s Hooded Packable Ultra Light Weight Short Down Jacket. Don’t miss ‌out on this amazing ⁢addition to your wardrobe!

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