When You Are Ready For A Change, Try Warrenville Facial Plastic Surgery

When You Are Ready For A Change, Try Warrenville Facial Plastic Surgery

Residents of Illinois now have many wonderful options when it comes to selecting Warrenville Facial Plastic Surgery. Doctors who are experienced in all areas of facial plastic surgery will be able to More »

What You Should Know Before Undergoing A Tummy Tuck Procedure

What You Should Know Before Undergoing A Tummy Tuck Procedure

Before undergoing a tummy tuck, it is important that an analysis of the risks involved and the benefits from it, must be done. For any action that a person intends to take, More »

What Are The Causes Of Abdominal Pain

What Are The Causes Of Abdominal Pain

The position of the pain is helpful in determining the cause. An acute infection of the bowel (gastroenteritis) usually produces a widespread, crampy pain but an inflamed gall bladder produces localized pain More »

The Tooth Taxi Comes To Town

The Tooth Taxi Comes To Town

When I was young, it seemed as though everyone I knew was poor. A visit to the doctor for anything less than a broken limb or an appendicitis attack was unheard of, More »



Why The Archos 705 Is The Best Portable Media Player For Playing Videos

There are many different portable media players in the market today with a lot to choose from. If watching videos is the main reason you would like to own a portable media player, then I would definitely recommend the Archos 705 Gen 5 portable media player. I purchased this device from Ebay and I was very impressed with it. Here are the reasons why I would choose this product over all the other portable media players.

Large LCD screen

One problem I noticed with most portable media players is that they only offer a very small screen. Most players comes with a 3.5″ LCD screen so the screen is very tiny. With the Archos 705, you will not have this problem. It has a large built-in 7″ LCD screen so it is great for watching videos. Its like the size of a portable DVD player but it is much better because you can store your video files on the device. Also, it has a built-in stand that folds out from the back so you can set the device on a table without having to hold it.

Large internal storage

The Archos 705 comes with a built-in hard drive. It comes with a 80GB or 160GB hard drive. Plenty of space to store all your video files. So, there is no need to bring along DVDs. You can transfer the files to the hard drive.

Can play most video file formats

Most portable media players can only play certain video file formats only. If you want to play certain file formats, you will need to convert the video file to a format the player can play. This is a very time consuming process. However, with the Archos 705 portable media player, there is no need to convert the file. All you need to do is drag the file over to the hard drive on that device. There is no conversion involved. There are additional plug-ins you can purchase so you can play DVD VOB files and other additional formats. That’s the great thing about this player. You don’t have to waste your time converting the video files to a playable format.

Built-in WIFI for web surfing

The Archos 705 player has a built-in WIFI. With an added plug-in for web browsing, you can start surfing the web. Also, you can play streaming video at sites like youtube.com.

Ease of Use

This Archos player is very easy to use. It is a touch screen device so your functions are easily performed on the screen.

To summarize, if you are looking for a portable video player that is easy to use that comes with an internal hard drive for storage and a large LCD screen with web browsing capability, and also, the ability to play for types of video files, then this is the device you would like to own. It is one of the best portable media player available on the market today if watching videos is your main objective. If you plan to listen to audio only and watching videos is not a big concern, then you probably should purchase something else instead like the Apple IPOD since that is much more compact in size.

Where to Find Computer Repair Shops in Tucson, Arizona

Computers have become invaluable to Tucson families. Your kids use it to research homework and chat with friends; you and your spouse rely on it for everything from balancing your checkbook to looking up phone numbers to finding recipes. When something goes wrong with your computer, it throws a serious wrench in your day-to-day life. Following is a list of computer repair shops in Tucson, Arizona.
A-Number 1 Computer Solutions offers full, on-site service for Tucson customers’ home and business desktop and laptop repairs as well as any networking needs Tucsonans might have. A-Number 1 Computer

Solutions computer technicians possess the knowledge and skills to assist you with peripheral configurations, virus removal, upgrades, and application support. Check out their website at http://www.a-number1.biz/ for more info including helpful tutorials ranging from how to perform a mail merge, to computer maintenance, to how to configure email. For service in Tucson, call 520.272.2704.

Greentree Computer Services offers prompt, efficient, affordable computer repair and network services to both small and medium businesses in Tucson and across Southern Arizona. Services offered include troubleshooting, repairs, upgrades, software installation, networking, backup and antivirus implementation, and high-speed Internet connections. Their website, http://www.greentreecs.com, also lists helpful resources including where to find Windows updates, driver files, and other helpful and interesting information for any computer user. Contact Greentree Computer Services, located at 4517 East San Francisco Boulevard in Tucson, by calling 520.861.7368 or email info@greentreecs.com.

Accram in Tucson provides both carry in or onsite service by A+ certified technicians. Not only do they offer certified and warrantied system and network optimization, virus removal, and repairs and upgrades for your PC or laptop computer, but Accram, Inc. also offers competitive rates for all makes and models of printers. Located at 1665 East 18th Street Suite 103, Accram has been serving Tucsonans for 15+ years. Call them at 520.624.0169 or email tucsonservice@accram.com.

Artisan Computer Services is an independent agent offering computer services throughout Tucson and Southern Arizona. They offer consulting and troubleshooting, expertise is Mac, Windows, and Unix, networking, training, support, custom software, websites and database, all on-site. Check out their website at http://www.artisancomputer.com. You will find links to Apple-related sites, local organizations, and rates and specials. For service or questions send an email (their preferred method of communication) to info@artisancomputer.com, or call 520.867.8701 between 9am and 7pm Tucson time.

Blue Chip Computers, located at 5632 East Broadway Boulevard in Tucson, has been providing expert technology solutions and service since 1985. Blue Chip Computers offers service, networking, and sales, and each of their technicians has at least fifteen years of experience. Check out their website, http://www.bluechipcomputers.com, for free software downloads including a fun screensaver, spyware removal, and search toolbars, or request a quote online. Blue Chip Computers is located at 5632 East Broadway in Tucson. Business hours are Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm and Saturdays 10am to 4pm. They are closed Sundays. Call 520.514.1024 for more information.

Computers Etc. has three locations in Tucson all offering service from certified technicians, sales, and networking. Go to http://www.cmpetc.com to see a complete labor fee schedule, sign up for free downloads, or browse fun and interesting links. Contact Computers Etc. on Tucson’s eastside, at 50 South Houghton Road, by calling 520.721.6800; on Davis Monthan Air Force Base by calling 520.747.3851; or their central Tucson location at 2550 North First Avenue by calling 520.792.1819.

Presidio Computers is a locally owned company providing services such as repairs, upgrades, data recovery, networking, virus and spyware removal, new system builds, and individual instruction. At http://www.presidiocomputers.com, you can peruse free newsletters, download free software, and find free online tutorials. Contact Presidio Computers in Tucson by calling 520.731.6446 or email ed@PresidioComputers.com.

So the next time your computer freezes up, shuts down or flashes the blue screen of death, do not panic. Simply call one of these knowledgeable, reliable, Tucson computer repair shops and you will be logged on again in no time.

Where Can I Shop For Auto Insurance?

Many options are available when searching for auto insurance. Several sources include your state’s Department of Insurance Website, AM Best website, online insurance websites, and yellow book searches for local carriers. High-risk drivers often have a difficult time obtaining auto insurance. There are also options available for the high-risk driver.

State Department of Insurance

One of the first places you will want to look is your state’s Department of Insurance website. There you will find a list of all approved auto insurance carriers for your state. Many states also offer an auto rate comparison guide. This will let you know which carriers offer the best rates.

A.M. Best

Another useful site is ambest.com. Here you can find the rating assigned to different carriers. Ratings range from A++ (Superior) to D (Poor). A B+ rating is classified as “good”. You will not want to choose a carrier whose rating falls below this level. The A.M. Best Consumer Insurance Information Center also offers a listing of what coverage is available and which ones you may or may not need. All states with the exception of New Hampshire and Wisconsin require liability coverage and have minimum limits required. Coverage available includes liability, comprehensive, collision, medical, personal injury protection, umbrella coverage, uninsured/underinsured coverage, and other optional coverage such as rental reimbursement.

Online Insurance

Online auto insurance quoting and binding is available. A simple way to begin is to search “buy auto insurance”. There are several sites available. Popular online quoting sites include onlineautoinsurance.com, insure.com, and insweb.com. There are many others. Make sure you verify the company’s A.M. Best rating and reviews.

Yellow Page Searches

If you prefer to have a local agent, simply search a yellow pages site such as msn yellow pages or yellowpages.com for auto insurance in your city and state. Some agents will list a website where you may obtain a quote online. Others will offer you a quote over the phone. If you prefer to talk to the agent in person, call and schedule an appointment.

Information Needed

Whether you decide to obtain a quote online or from a local agent, you will need to provide the following information:

Current carrier and policy dates (if you have coverage)

Driving record including dates and nature of accident and driving offenses

Year, make, and model of vehicles along with information regarding how you will use the vehicle

Registration and Driver’s License

Lien holder Information

High Risk Coverage

Finding coverage may be more difficult if you are a high-risk driver. High-risk drivers include those with multiple accidents, tickets, and insurance claims. High-risk drivers, including those required to file a Form SR22, also have options. Many standard carriers also offer high-risk coverage. You will pay a higher rate for your coverage. Keeping your driving record clean will help the cost of your coverage decrease over time.

When You Are Ready For A Change, Try Warrenville Facial Plastic Surgery

Residents of Illinois now have many wonderful options when it comes to selecting Warrenville Facial Plastic Surgery. Doctors who are experienced in all areas of facial plastic surgery will be able to explain procedures to you and show pictures depicting the changes that can result from the surgery you are considering.

Many people come to Warrenville Facial Plastic Surgery offices in search of a facelift. The facelift is a popular procedure because it removes wrinkles from the face and neck. A facelift may be performed if advised by your physician in conjunction with other facial cosmetic surgery procedures, such as blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery, forehead lifts, chin surgery, otoplasty or ear surgery, rhinoplasty or nose surgery.  

In a facelift, the upper layer of skin is incised around the ears and hairline and lifted. The tissues of the cheeks and neck under this skin can be tightened at this time if needed. Then the skin is placed back on the underlying tissues, and the excess skin is removed, leaving a smooth surface with loose skin and wrinkles eliminated. Warrenville facial plastic surgery services can determine if this procedure will give you the result for which you are looking, and advise you accordingly.

Eyelid surgery is used for reshaping the eyelids. It can also be used to produce the result of a permanent eyeliner around the eye. This is a procedure that can be used to remove excess upper eyelid skin, and to remove bags from under the eyes as well as wrinkles.

Chin augmentation can be performed in tandem with rhinoplasty, and often is in order to bring a balanced appearance to the face. Bone is used as an implant to the chin area, and that, along with possible manipulation of the jawbone, is used to reshape the chin to a more pleasing aesthetic.

Cheek augmentation is used to make the cheekbones look more prominent and attractive. Implants from this medical procedure can come from silicone, or from a bone graft.

Ears can be reshaped through otoplasty cosmetic facial plastic surgery. Warrenville facial plastic surgery doctors can bring the ears in tighter to the head, or make overly large earsy smaller, as well as reshaping the ear in various ways.

A plastic surgeon can also perform specialized non-operative procedures that will help to beautify the face. For example, collagen and fat filler injections can be used for various purposes. Filler can be injected into the lines in the skin of facial wrinkles to fill in those lines and essentially remove the wrinkles. Unlike surgery, this is not a permanent solution for wrinkle removal and must be repeated. When you are considering plastic surgery, seek competent advice from Warrenville Facial Plastic Surgery physicians.

What You Should Know Before Undergoing A Tummy Tuck Procedure

Before undergoing a tummy tuck, it is important that an analysis of the risks involved and the benefits from it, must be done.

For any action that a person intends to take, there must be a potential benefit to it. Likewise, when contemplating a tummy tuck, one must consider the possible benefits that are likely to result from it. As this is a major and very invasive operation, the consequences of the procedure must not be taken lightly either.

For most women, pregnancy results in a distended stomach. The fetus requires room in which to develop. This room is not available in the stomach area as it is fully taken up by the internal organs. To create the room, the abdominal muscles are grown sufficiently long to accommodate the tenant(s) and their attendant support system. After delivery, the muscles to not retain to their original state as additional tissue would have been added.

A similar action results from obesity. As the body increases in bulk, additional food will be required to assuage the hunger. The large amounts of food taken and the increase in body mass will result in a bigger stomach which will stretch the abdominal muscles.

After the birth or a successful diet and an exercise regimen, the stomach muscles may not contract enough to result in a trim figure. For the majority of women, and a few men lately, a body in such a state would not be acceptable. A tummy tuck would be a very attractive option.

Some of the drawbacks of this procedure are listed below:

-The procedure is very costly and is hardly ever covered by medical insurance as the condition it addresses is not normally a risk to life.

-The procedure poses some health risks as it is a major operation.

-The recuperation period is fairly long

-The doctor you select may not do a good job.

-A lot of exercise will be required to maintain the state of the abdominal muscles.

There are advantages as well which must be considered following a successful operation.

-You will end up with a slim and trim body

-The psychological benefits of a slim body can improve your health

-A sexier appearance

-Being envied by others can boost your morale.

-Being more attractive to your mate or potential mate.

You may want to consider a tummy tuck ahead of a class reunion, for example, so that you can parade your slim self in front of old school mates to show off.

You may also want the procedure ahead of a summer vacation where you will want to be the envy of other beach goers or simply to show off a nice trim body.

You may also contemplate this action if your attempts at reducing the tummy by exercising have failed. You may also want to do it just because you can afford it!

Whatever your reasons, a tummy tuck can most definitely increase your self-confidence.

What To Do With All That WIC Food

The WIC (Women, Infants, Children) food supplement program in New York is great. As a low income mother of a 9 month old, I am grateful to be saving that extra bit of money on the grocery bill.
The one challenge is that the coupons are for a certain amount of certain foods. Those foods are included on the coupons because they contain the essential nutrients that a pregnant woman, new mom and new baby need. Some of them aren’t what I would’ve typically purchased, especially in the quantities mandated, so I wasn’t sure what to do with all that food. The last thing I wanted was to have food spoil because I don’t know what to do with it.

Challenge 1: Milk Gallons upon gallons of milk. I never drank much milk. I would put it in my cereal, coffee and bake with it and that was pretty much it. Suddenly I had gallons of the stuff.

Make Your Own Yogurt: One of the coolest things to do with milk is to make yogurt. I love yogurt and one gallon of milk equals one gallon of yogurt. That’s a whole lot of yogurt!

Yogurt is made from yogurt, so you will need a small container to get started. The process is pretty easy, but is a bit time consuming. This yogurt is a bit thinner than the yogurt you will find in the grocery store and is of the fruit on the bottom consistency. I keep it plain and then add fruit and a bit of sugar to my serving.

Making your milk into yogurt expands its usability as yogurt can be added to a variety of recipes from baked goods like cake and muffin recipes to creamy pastas and as a sour cream substitute.

Smoothies: Another favorite of mine is to use up milk by making smoothies. Add milk, yogurt and some fruit in a blender and whaa-la, a yummy, smooth treat. Smoothies are great in the morning or with a grilled cheese made from your WIC bread and WIC cheese.

Make Pudding: Another great, cheap use of all that milk is to use it to make pudding. A box of pudding mix can be purchased for well under $1 and it uses about 2 cups of milk. Get creative, mix two flavors of pudding together, make a pudding pie, scoop out the inside of some muffins and add a few dollops of pudding inside.

Make Creamy Soups or Pastas: Soups and pastas are inexpensive and give you a lot of bang for your buck. Most macaroni and cheese recipes call for at least 2 cups of milk. Bechamel sauce is a creamy sauce that is a key ingredient to many pasta dishes, including lasagna.

Challenge 2: Beans Beans (we’re not talking green beans here) are a great source of protein and WIC pays for quite a few cans of them. Before WIC, my main use of beans was in chili. A couple cans of kidney beans was about all I ever used, but since using WIC I’ve greatly extended both my frequency and variety of ways to use beans. Bush Brothers amp; Company beans are covered by the WIC coupons and their website lists lots of good recipes and ideas on how to use them. In addition to soups, salads and pastas, a new favorite way for me to use beans is to make them into a form of veggie burger. Crush a few crackers, some onion amp; garlic along with 1 egg and some shredded cheese in with a can of squooshed beans (I’ve used butter and black beans). Fry the bean fritters in a thin layer of vegetable oil and you’ve got an easy, cheap, quick substitute for a meat main dish.

Challenge 3: Tuna As I was mainly breastfeeding, WIC allotted a half dozen cans of tuna (or other canned fish) to me each month. I’m not a big canned fish eater. Still, like with the other foods, I knew the tuna would be good for me and my baby so I figured out ways to make it so it would be something I would like. I’m not crazy about the typical go-to recipes: tuna salad or tuna casserole. One recipe for tuna that I did like was tuna burgers. I just leave out anything I don’t have.

What Are The Causes Of Abdominal Pain

The position of the pain is helpful in determining the cause. An acute infection of the bowel (gastroenteritis) usually produces a widespread, crampy pain but an inflamed gall bladder produces localized pain which may occur beneath the ribs on the right-hand side. Appendicitis pain usually begins around the navel (umbilicus) and later moves to the lower right region. Peptic ulcers most frequently produced pain in the upper central part of the abdomen. The history and characteristics of the pain, as well as its position, aid in diagnosis. It may spread to another area, it may be sharp or spasmodic or it may occur with other symptoms.

Gentle pressing on the abdomen (palpation) defines areas of local tenderness or inflammation which cause pain. Palpation may also locate masses such as enlarge organs, abscesses or enlarged lymph glands. If the pain is deep within the abdominal cavity, internal examination through the vagina or rectum may be required to localize affected areas. A patient’s temperature, pulse rate and level of dehydration need to be ascertained before diagnosis or treatment of the condition can be decided.

Indigestion (dyspepsia) can be regarded as a type of abdominal pain, although it is probably better described as a feeling of discomfort. The usual cause of this condition is the so-called functional dyspepsia in which no structural abnormality, such as an ulcer, can be demonstrated. It has been shown that various agents such as aspirin and alcohol cause a transient inflammation of the lining of the stomach and that this situation can also be produced by general stress – probably caused by an increase in acid production in the stomach. In all these cases dyspepsia is a common complaint. The first symptoms of cancer of the stomach may be mistaken for dyspepsia.

Disorders of the kidney, bladder, and the female reproductive organs may also produce pain in the abdomen. Dysmenorrhea is a specific pain, usually below the navel, that either just precedes or occurs with the menstrual period. The irritable bowel syndrome is another relatively common condition and may produce episodes of diarrhea or a generalized pain.

If the cause of the abdominal pain is uncertain, various tests may assist in establishing the diagnosis. Blood counts may indicate the presence of anemia, caused by long-term bleeding from a previously undetected lesion, and may also indicate the presence of infection somewhere in the body. Examination of urine under the microscope for the presence of blood cells or bacteria may indicate a problem in the kidneys or bladder. Examination of the feces may sometimes be warranted. X-ray of the abdomen may show up specific abnormalities such as obstruction of the bowel, stones in the kidney, or the presence of excessive free gas which may have resulted from the rupture of an organ.

The Tooth Taxi Comes To Town

When I was young, it seemed as though everyone I knew was poor. A visit to the doctor for anything less than a broken limb or an appendicitis attack was unheard of, and only a toothache that lasted a week or more was deemed worthy of a trip to the dentist.
There were hardly any preventive shots then, and, if you had teeth that stuck out, you were stuck with them for life. I never saw a kid with braces until I grew up and had children of my own.

My children were more fortunate, although they might dispute that term, since none of them were happy campers when a doctor or dental appointment was scheduled. Some children still came from families who couldn’t afford regular check-ups or dental care, but far fewer than when I was young.

However, times are changing. More and more families with young children are finding that they can no longer afford regular visits for these things. Because of job layoffs or cutbacks in hours, parents are having to decide what they can continue to spend money on and what they will have to do without. Too often, routine (and sometimes even urgent) dental care is one of the things being put off until later.

“Later” may be a long way off, or even never, for some of these kids. That’s why the Tooth Taxi that arrived in the small town of Springfield, Oregon this week was gladly welcomed by the parents of such children.

The Tooth Taxi is a large Winnebago, outfitted with state-of-the-art X-Ray machines and two work stations, and it travels around our whole state to provide on-site dental services to uninsured or under-insured children.

Besides the equipment I mentioned earlier, the Tooth Taxi boasts a ceiling mounted screen on which Tom and Jerry, or similar cartoons are viewed by the small patients as they are having their teeth worked on. Most of the kids are understandably apprehensive when they enter the Tooth Taxi, but reportedly leave in a much better frame of mind. (Tom and Jerry probably has a lot to do with that.)

Although the program is coordinated through the Oregon State Department of Human Services, Dr. Weston Heringer is the dentist who travels around with the Tooth Taxi most of the time. Volunteer dentists and dental hygienists from each local area donate their time to help with the work.

The 38-foot Winnebago actually parks on the school grounds for up to a week at a time while students are being treated.

Students who might benefit from the services provided by the Tooth Taxi are pinpointed by screening kids who qualify for the free lunch program, or who are recommended by teachers who have noticed that particular children need some kind of dental attention. Thousands of kids now receive dental care through this program every year.

In case you’re wondering how much a program like this costs, Oregon’s Tooth Taxi set up cost was approximately $500,000 for purchasing and equipping the Winnebago. The cost of operating it for a year is estimated at $400,000 to $500,000. Not really an exorbitant amount when you consider that it is covering a whole state and providing a lot of fillings and sealants against future decay to some of the most vulnerable people in our whole population.

I wrote this article, because I know from personal experience just how it feels to be one of the little kids who only visited a dentist after every home remedy to stop the horrible aching of an infected tooth had failed, and when it was already too late to save the tooth. I think the Tooth Taxi is well worth every cent our state is spending on it.

If your state doesn’t have a program like the Tooth Taxi, why not forward this article to one of your state legislators and see if you can’t get one started?

Ten Funny YouTube Videos Your Toddler Will Love

Toddlers love to hear the same songs, read the same books, and play the same games over and over. Here’s a collection of funny online videos with silly graphics and sillier songs that will keep your toddler bouncing and giggling.

10. The Lion Sleeps Tonight – Hippo and Dog, This is a funny little video of a computer animated hippo and computer animated dog singing and dancing to “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” This video title says it done by Pixar, but I can’t confirm that.

9. Kitty Clips This is a great collection of the funniest cat clips from America’s Funniest Home Videos, set to music. Some of the highlights are the kitty who hangs upside down from a ceiling beam and the ninja kitty who leaps out at a toddler from a bush. Moms will also love watching this online video!

8. Doggy Clips This online video is similar to number 8, but with funny dogs. If your toddler loves animals, he’ll enjoy both of these a lot. Highlights include the big dog running from a small dog, the dog sliding across a trampoline, and the dog swinging from a tree branch.

7. The Guinea Pig Song Someone made a silly song about guinea pigs (if you’ve ever owned guinea pigs, you’ll find the lyrics especially funny) and made a video of dancing, singing guinea pigs. In my opinion, it’s too short!

It is also a fantastic summary of how to care for guinea pigs, so if your son or daughter has one, memorizing the song may help them remember how to care for their pet.

6. They’re Taking The Hobbits to Isengard A brilliant man with time on his hands jazzed up the music from the movie “The Two Towers” and made this funny favorite of nerds everywhere. The imagery might not be very engrossing for a toddler, but the music is fun. My toddler loves bouncing up and down to this video.

5. Upside Down by Jack Johnson Folk singer Jack Johnson did the soundtrack for the movie “Curious George.” This popular video includes cute clips from the movie, including George lining up the other animals from the jungle. It’s a sweet song with great animation. It’s also a nice treat for moms, since Jack Johnson is pretty easy on the eyes.

4. La Ragga Des Pingouins A French music group called “Pigloo” debuted in 2006 with adorable animated penguin videos, possibly to cash in on the popularity of “March of the Penguins.” Regardless, the dancing cartoon penguins in this online video are matched with a cute song with cute kid voices.

3. Le Papa Pingouin This is another video by the French group Pigloo. In this video, papa pengouin fantasizes about leaving for a life of adventure. The Pigloo penguins finally find something that makes him happy where he is – they teach him to dance! Beware – This song will stay in your head all day.

2. The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything The Veggie Tales characters are masters of silly songs, including “Barbara Manatee,” “I Love My Lips,” and “The Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps.” This, in my opinion and that of my toddler, is the best, with a fun tune and delicious vegetables dressed up like pirates.

1. The Hamster Dance Way back in the early days of the internet, Hamster Dance was a funny little website with wiggly hamster graphics and a catchy tune. Now the Hamster Dance has it’s own animated music video my toddler calls “Doo dee doh.” Dancing hamsters, laughing clouds, and synchronized kangaroos – what more could you ask for?

One bit of warning – parents will inevitably become sick of these videos long before their toddlers. If you can get a bathroom break by yourself out of it, it might be worth it!

University Of Memphis Student Arrested For Killing Tiger Football Player Taylor Bradford

When yesterday’s press conference ended and Memphis Police Director Larry Godwin and Shelby County Attorney General Bill Gibbons had finished announcing the arrests of three individuals those in attendance and those watching on local news stations were grateful and at the same time trying to read in-between the lines of what had been said during the hour long press conference. After University of Memphis football player Taylor Bradford had been shot near his Carpenter Complex student apartment last Sunday, students and university staff were wondering if the murder included any students of the

University of Memphis.

With the arrests of three guys in their early-20s, I am sure Dr. Shirley Raines, the president at Memphis, breathed a sigh of relief but was certainly not jubilant knowing that Director Godwin had said that another arrest was pending. Well, it did not take long for that fourth arrest to be made and it rocked the campus to its core as University of Memphis student Devin Jefferson was arrested last night and was called the mastermind of the plot to rob and ultimately kill Taylor Bradford two days before the Tiger football team played Marshall University at Liberty Memorial Stadium less than three miles from where Bradford’s body had been attacked by a bullet marked for him.

While the other three perpetrators were arraigned in court in Memphis on Tuesday morning, Devin Jefferson who is 21, will be in General Sessions Court on Wednesday after his late Monday night arrest. If you read his Facebook page what you find is an ordinary, urban young guy who talked about making money at any cost. His ideal goal was to become a quatrillionaire. Having graduated from Treadwell High School, the same school that produced NBA basketball players Elliot ‘Socks’ Perry and Anfernee ‘Penny’ Hardaway, Devin Jefferson entered the University of Memphis after finishing up his high school studies in 2004. A psychology and education major, it appears that Devin was on his way to graduating just like the Taylor Bradford was. Just 36 hours of graduating, Taylor will never receive the diploma he had worked so hard for and will never begin the job that was waiting for him back in Nashville upon his intended graduation.

Bradford’s death came a year after he sought a restraining order against another University of Memphis student, Erica Bell who attended the same high school as Taylor Bradford in Antioch outside of Nashville. Devin’s arrest for the murder of Taylor is not his first dance with police either. On June 25 of this year, he was arrested for 2nd degree murder. However, after further investigation, no charges were pressed against Devin Jefferson and he was allowed to go home.

Taylor Bradford’s murder comes at a time when the city is in the midst of an intense crime wave. Taylor was the 121 murder inside the city limits of Memphis since January 1. With the recently completed mayor election and crime being one of the topics on the minds of most voting citizens, Devin’s involvement eschews the hope that the university is a setting for opportunity for young urban men and women to leave behind the trappings and behaviors that had served them so well up until they became college students. How deceived we have been. At this point, no warrant has been issued for Erica Bell. It is not known whether she is still in the city even though she has a job at one of the residence halls on campus. Either way, yesterday was not a good day for the university or for its city. A Memphian killed Taylor Bradford last week. A Memphian, a University of Memphis student hatched the plan to kill a Tiger football player, hours after he won money at a blackjack table at the Horseshoe Casino. A Memphian sparked fear where education is the most important thing.

When will the city graduate to less crime?