Catwater: The Purrfect Solution for Feline Wellness

Welcome⁢ to our review of the Catwater pH‍ Balanced Urinary Formula, a revolutionary product designed to address ⁤one of⁤ the most common health concerns among cats: urinary issues. As cat owners ourselves, we understand the importance of providing our furry companions ‌with the best⁢ possible care, which is why we were eager to put this product to the test.

Crafted by VETWATER, this innovative ‌formula ⁣boasts being mineral-free, a ​key feature in preventing urinary problems in cats. With its pH-balanced composition and exclusion​ of minerals known to contribute to urinary ‍tract issues, Catwater sets itself apart as a premium option for feline ⁣hydration.

Upon receiving our order, we ⁣were impressed by the clarity and transparency of the packaging, reflecting the ⁣purity of the product within. The 135.2 oz, 2-Pack⁤ size offers convenience and⁤ ensures a steady supply of this essential cat water.

One of the most compelling claims made ‍by‍ VETWATER is that 9 out of ⁢10 cats⁣ prefer Catwater over tap water. Skeptical yet hopeful, we introduced our own feline friends to this new hydration‌ solution. To our delight, they took to it immediately,⁣ eagerly lapping⁢ up the ​refreshing liquid.

But it’s not ⁤just about preference; Catwater also boasts clinical efficacy. With claims of reducing minerals in the urinary tract by ​up to 50 percent, as well ‌as aiding in the prevention of urinary infections and ‍bladder stones, we were eager to see if these promises held true​ for our own ⁤cats.

In our upcoming review, we’ll dive deeper into ⁢our firsthand experience with Catwater, ⁣exploring its taste, effects on our cats’ health, and overall value. Stay tuned to discover if Catwater lives up to the hype and truly provides ‍the optimal‍ hydration solution for our beloved feline companions.

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When it comes to our feline friends, ensuring ‍their health and well-being is‌ paramount. That’s why we’re excited to⁤ introduce ‍a⁤ groundbreaking solution ⁣- a⁢ cat‌ water ‌formula meticulously crafted ​to address urinary issues effectively. Our pH-balanced and mineral-free cat water is a game-changer in ​pet hydration. Say goodbye to worries about⁣ urinary problems‍ caused by minerals commonly found in tap water. Our formula is clinically proven to‍ reduce⁢ these minerals in the urinary ‍tract⁢ by up to 50%, ⁤helping to prevent urinary infections and bladder stones before they even have a chance to arise.

Key Features
Mineral-Free Formula
pH Optimized
Reduces Urinary Tract ⁤Minerals by 50%
Prevents Urinary Infections
Preferred ‍by‌ 9 Out of 10 Cats ‌Over Tap Water

Our Canadian Natural Spring Water base ensures purity and quality, while being ‍ chlorine and‍ toxin-free. With‌ dimensions of 6.5 x 12 x 6.5 ‍inches and a weight of 18.1⁤ pounds, this product is designed to provide convenience ​without compromising ⁢on effectiveness. Join ​countless satisfied pet⁤ owners⁣ who have witnessed the transformative effects of our innovative formula. Invest ⁤in your ‌cat’s health today by switching to VETWATER.

Key Features and Benefits

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When it comes to caring for⁣ our beloved feline friends, ensuring their ​hydration needs are met with the right kind of water is paramount. Our product stands‌ out ‍with a range of designed to ​support your cat’s urinary health:

  • Mineral-Free Formula: Our pH ⁤balanced water ‌is meticulously crafted to be free of minerals known to trigger urinary problems‌ in cats. Say goodbye to⁣ worries about bladder stones or urinary tract issues caused by mineral-rich water.
  • Clinically Proven: Backed by scientific evidence, our formula has been clinically proven to reduce minerals in the urinary tract by up‍ to 50 percent. This means you can trust that your‍ cat ⁢is receiving water that actively promotes urinary ‌health.
  • Preventative Care: With⁤ our mineral-free and‍ pH optimized water, you’re not ⁣just addressing existing urinary concerns; ⁤you’re also taking proactive steps to prevent them from ⁣arising in the first place.⁤ By providing your cat with the right hydration, you’re helping to safeguard their urinary system.
  • Preferred by Cats: It’s not ‌just about what’s good​ for them, but what they enjoy too. 9 out of 10 cats prefer our water over tap water, making it easier for you⁣ to ensure they stay hydrated and healthy.
  • Chlorine and Toxin Free: ‍ We prioritize your cat’s well-being by ensuring our water is free⁤ from chlorine and other harmful toxins. Rest assured, every sip they take is pure and safe.
  • Canadian Natural Spring Water: Sourced ‌from pristine⁢ Canadian natural springs, our water maintains its purity and freshness, providing your cat with nothing but the best.

With our product, you’re not just giving your cat water; you’re​ giving them the gift of optimal urinary health. Take the first step towards ensuring your cat’s well-being by switching‍ to our mineral-free, pH balanced water today!

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In-Depth Analysis and Recommendations

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After delving ⁤into the intricacies of by VETWATER, we’re excited to share our insights. Crafted with a​ meticulous focus on feline urinary health, this innovative solution stands out for its commitment to pH ⁤balance ⁤and mineral-free composition.⁣ This dedication is evident in ‍its formulation, which is devoid of minerals notorious for triggering urinary⁣ issues. In fact, it’s clinically proven to reduce minerals in the urinary tract ‍by up to 50%.

One of the standout features of by VETWATER ⁢ is its ⁤preference among our feline ⁢friends.‌ With an impressive 9 out of 10 cats favoring it over tap water, it’s clear ‌that this product resonates with our discerning companions. Moreover, its efficacy extends beyond mere preference. By⁢ aiding in the prevention⁣ of‍ urinary infections and bladder ‌stones, it actively safeguards the well-being of⁢ our beloved pets. In essence, this product isn’t just about ​hydration; it’s a proactive measure to​ enhance feline urinary health.

Item Dimensions 6.5 x 12 x⁤ 6.5 inches
Item Weight 18.1 Pounds
Date First Available October 1, 2020
Manufacturer VetWater
Country of Origin Canada

Ready to provide your feline companion with the ‌ultimate hydration experience? Check out by VETWATER on ⁢Amazon and give your cat the gift of optimal‍ urinary health!


Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Here’s‍ what some of ⁢our customers had ​to say about Catwater:

I ⁢thought this would be some kind of hokey thing that’s just glorified normal water. The cats (I have 4) all descend upon the fountain⁢ that has the Cat Water‌ in​ it, significantly more than the other ones. Even when I ⁣fill the fountain with‌ normal water it doesn’t ​get the same response. I bought this after a​ truly awesome $1500 vet bill for bladder crystals/ urinary ⁣blockage for one of my kitties and would prefer to not do that‌ again…….I’m quite pleased ‌with the increased hydration ALL of the cats have now! ‍Obviously‍ it’s a bit expensive,‍ so it’s not filled 100% of the time, but even supplementally it seems to be making a difference

In‌ my 50 years of‌ having cats (I was 10 when I got ⁢my first‌ one)… I’ve been through every medical emergency you can imagine, except for crystals. Recently, my six-year-old​ Persian⁣ boy, came down with a nasty case of crystals. I had to get a crash course and everything there is ‍to know about this. Even ⁣then it came back ​three weeks later and I had to start ​from scratch.During ‍my research‌ I came‍ across this water. I’m just‌ gonna get to ⁢the point…THIS STUFF IS ‌AMAZING!!!The ‌vet ⁣kept​ telling me the‌ importance of them drinking more water, but‍ cats being cats… How are you ⁣supposed to get them⁤ to do⁣ it??? I had about given up when I found this product. I have five Persians. Each​ and every one of them from the minute I⁢ put it down have been gobbling it up. I bought the gallon jugs and filled their automatic water fountain. The vet said keep lots of bowls of water around to encourage them to drink. So I put ‌two more down in the kitchen and in another spot. I also bought the 16 ounce bottles and I keep them in the refrigerator. At each meal I give them ice cold, refrigerator water and I’m ‌not kidding. They fight to⁤ drink it. They would ⁣rather have ⁢a drink of that water first than their food first!!! It’s the damndest thing I’ve ⁤ever seen. I literally can tell you in the course of the⁢ day ‍how many of ⁣them drank water and ⁤when because I literally SEE THEM at the water fountain​ or the water bowls. Their chest ‌is wet ​more often than not ​throughout the day, which tells me that they’re clearly drinking‍ water. ​Yes, this is‍ expensive… And I’m a stubborn woman… Who doesn’t like⁢ to spend her⁣ money foolishly… But I can tell you that I am over the moon. Happy with this product! And yes, my kitty is doing‍ very well now!

I wanted to try this for my kitties since it doesn’t have chemicals in it. They’ve ‍been drinking it with no problem. Glad I tried it.

When I ⁣first​ saw this product, I thought it was a huge ‌boondoggle. ⁤Cat water?! But‌ then my vet⁢ found some crystals in my boy cat’s urine sample. I bought this as sort⁢ of a hail-Mary attempt at‌ helping ‌him while I worked on what to do next. I did notice‌ right away that both cats⁢ took very long drinks–they seem to really like the flavor of ​it.(Cats can avoid drinking when they have crystals in their urine because it can hurt to pee. If your cat ‌is doing that, mix some of the water into their wet food. That ⁢will‌ get them better hydrated and help with the crystals as well. It seemed to help ⁣get things rolling. I gave them some hydrating broth as⁣ well–you can find many kinds. I also⁢ recommend a running cat fountain.)Yesterday I ​got the‍ results back of his follow-up test: NO crystals in his urine. I am floored.This is a little pricey for water, but it beats surgery, and it definitely beats ‍my cats being in pain when they urinate. I will be⁢ using this as‍ a preventive⁢ measure from now‍ on.

This has been so great for my cats.‌ They drink a lot more water now. I give 5 stars for the product, but a star less because of the condition it arrived in from Amazon.My ⁢issue is with the shipping ‌and how this was⁢ packaged⁤ in the box. We don’t seem to receive⁤ orders from Amazon drivers anymore. This was sent via a national shipping company (who was in no way at fault for what we received). Packing materials should be used when sending these,⁢ but there was nothing like that ⁣in​ the box, which allowed the bottles to move about and be damaged. ⁤As a result, ⁢2 of the‍ bottles were leaking. Please do a better⁢ job, Amazon.

I ⁣find the cat drinking this water much more​ than the city water. I am ​sure it is probably better for her.

I have 4 ‍cats. They avoided it and drank fresh water instead.

Did I roll my eyes buying bottled water for my ‍cats? Sure did. I⁢ had one cat in hospital for two weeks ⁣with a ureter blockage that is surprising he survived. He’s super fussy eater so feeding him the “appropriate “ diet doesn’t always work.In a Hail Mary I decided to try this water as a “well it can’t ⁣hurt” play. Well two years later ‍cat is still alive.​ Other two older cats also drink this and as far as I can tell are​ in good bladder health.What is‍ most interesting is I always ⁤put out several bowls of different water: this stuff, some ice cold ⁣from fidge, some filtered water, so they always have options. Cuz you​ know, cats.This​ bottled water is ALWAYS the bowl they drink from first. ALWAYS the bowl empty first if I don’t refill it twice a day.Is it making them healthier? 🤷‍♀️Do they drink this​ almost exclusively at this point even when sitting next to bowls of different water? ‌Yup.Does that mean anything? 🤷‍♀️BUT I trust their​ senses and if this is the ⁣water they want⁢ to drink then that’s what they get. My three⁣ go through a bottle a ​day.#cats🤷‍♀️


Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


1. Urinary Health Benefits: Formulated with a pH balanced urinary formula,⁤ Catwater helps prevent urinary issues such as FLUTD, urinary infections, and bladder stones.
2. Mineral-Free: Free of ⁣minerals known to cause urinary problems, ⁣ensuring the water is safe and ​beneficial for your ⁢cat’s health.
3. Preferred by Cats: According to studies, 9 ⁤out of 10 cats prefer Catwater over tap water, making it more⁢ enticing for⁣ your feline friend to stay hydrated.
4. ​Clinically Proven: Catwater is clinically proven to reduce minerals in the urinary tract by up⁢ to 50 percent, providing tangible results⁣ for your cat’s well-being.
5. Toxin-Free: Chlorine and toxin-free,‌ Catwater offers a pure⁢ and safe hydration option for your pet.
6. Canadian Natural Spring Water: Made with Canadian Natural Spring Water, Catwater ensures high-quality​ hydration for‍ your cat.


1. Cost: Compared to regular tap water, Catwater may be a⁤ more expensive option for⁤ maintaining your cat’s hydration.
2. Packaging: The product comes in a⁣ large 2-pack, which may not⁢ be‌ suitable⁣ for owners with limited storage space.
3. Availability: Availability may vary depending on location, making it potentially‌ challenging to consistently purchase Catwater.

Overall, Catwater offers numerous benefits for maintaining your cat’s urinary health and hydration, though potential drawbacks such as cost⁣ and packaging size should be considered before purchase.‌


Q&A Section:

Q: Is Catwater safe for all cats, including those with sensitive stomachs or allergies?

A: Yes, Catwater is formulated to be safe for all cats, including those with sensitive stomachs or ⁢allergies. Our pH-balanced and mineral-free formula is gentle on your​ furry friend’s digestive system, ensuring optimal hydration ⁢without⁤ causing⁤ any adverse reactions.

Q: How does​ Catwater compare‍ to regular tap water?

A: Catwater stands out as ​the purrfect solution for feline wellness due to its unique properties. While tap water may contain minerals and other impurities⁤ that can contribute to urinary issues in cats, ‌Catwater is mineral-free‌ and pH-optimized. Not only does it help prevent urinary problems, but 9 out of​ 10 cats⁣ also prefer its taste over tap water, making hydration a breeze.

Q: Can Catwater really help prevent urinary⁤ infections and bladder⁤ stones?

A: Absolutely! Catwater is clinically proven to reduce minerals in the urinary tract by up to 50 percent. By providing ⁤your cat with mineral-free​ and pH-balanced water, ⁣you’re taking⁤ proactive steps to maintain​ their urinary health and reduce the risk of infections and bladder stones. Prevention is key, and ⁣Catwater makes it easier ⁤than ever.

Q: How often should I give my cat Catwater?

A: You can offer Catwater to your cat as their primary source of hydration. Simply replace their regular water bowl with Catwater, ensuring they have access to clean and fresh water at all times. Monitoring their water intake‍ and refilling the bowl as needed will help keep your cat hydrated and healthy.

Q: Is Catwater environmentally friendly?

A: Yes, Catwater is committed to sustainability‌ and environmental responsibility. Our water is sourced from Canadian Natural Spring Water, and we take great care to minimize our environmental footprint throughout the production and⁢ packaging process. You can feel good about providing your cat with⁢ Catwater, knowing that it’s not only​ beneficial for their health but also for the planet.

Q: ‌Where can I purchase ⁢Catwater?

A: Catwater is available⁤ for purchase online and ⁤at select pet retailers. You can find our products on our‌ official website as‍ well as through authorized distributors. Keep an eye out for promotions and discounts to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.

Unleash Your True⁣ Potential

As we conclude our exploration into the realm of feline hydration, it’s evident that Catwater stands as a beacon of innovation and care for ⁣our⁣ beloved furry companions. With its pH-balanced ⁤formula, free‌ from minerals that can trigger⁣ urinary issues, Catwater emerges as more ‌than just water – it’s a proactive ⁣measure⁢ towards ⁤holistic feline wellness.

The journey through our review has illuminated Catwater’s commitment to cat health, backed by clinical ⁢evidence ⁣and the preference of nine out of ten discerning felines. From⁣ reducing urinary infections to thwarting ‍the formation of bladder stones, Catwater transcends the ‌ordinary,​ offering a clear⁤ path towards preventing urinary issues before⁣ they arise.

In a world inundated with options, Catwater shines as the purrfect solution, providing not just hydration, but also peace of mind for pet parents ⁣everywhere. So⁣ why⁤ wait? Take the leap towards ensuring your cat’s well-being today with Catwater.

Ready ⁢to elevate your cat’s hydration game? Click here to discover the transformative power of Catwater: Catwater on Amazon.

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